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Introducing Ageless Grace at Pisgah Valley Retirement Community

January 20, 2020

It’s never too late to begin. It’s never too early to start! What if someone told you there is an exercise class that anyone of any age and physical ability could participate in? What if someone told you that this class would not only engage the body but also engage all five functions of the brain at the same time? And, what if someone told you this class would be challenging yet fun and fulfilling in many different ways. The class is called, Ageless Grace® and it’s coming to Pisgah Valley Retirement Community this February 2020.

Ageless Grace® is a brain-body program based on stimulation of neuroplasticity to support cognitive health and activate all five primary functions of the brain. The program uses physical “games” called “tools” that also work the core, and activate the organs and systems of the body. Each tool addresses a primary factor commonly related to physical aging. All the tools stimulate and utilize the five functions of the brain – strategic planning, memory and recall, analytical thinking, creativity and imagination and kinesthetic learning. Ageless Grace® restores and maintains neural pathways and stimulates the creation of new ones. From birth through mid-teens, the brain is busy creating a complex web of neural pathways. But functional and cognitive skills that were developed through traditional childhood games, sports and leisure activities are typically no longer explored in adulthood when we tend to practice only what we like to do and what we do best.

The tools activate the core of the body, including the internal organs and systems, such as the respiratory system, endocrine system, and digestive system. The program is practiced in a chair, to cause the brain to figure out how to do these activities seated rather than standing. Performing the tools in a chair also affects physical skills, such as balance, stability, range of motion, etc. People of all ages and abilities (including children) can perform the movements, including those with weight and joint issues, diabetes and other challenges such as those in wheelchairs or with other physical limitations.

Using just three tools each day, for no more than 10 minutes in total, is all that’s required to get plenty of benefit from the program. No need to go to a gym, no need for special equipment; all that’s needed is a chair, a clock to time your practice for 10 minutes – and something that makes music to stimulate your brain and body even further.

Finally, what if someone told you they had been to Pisgah Valley Retirement Community and joined a silly class called, Ageless Grace but it was one of the most challenging and FUN exercise classes they had ever experienced? Would you be convinced to try just 10 minutes of this brain and body workout? I hope so.

Classes will begin Wednesday, February 5 at 2:00pm in the Community Center. Please be sure to wear comfortable clothing and hearing aids (if applicable). The class is seated without shoes and socks so prepare for that. Of course, if you need socks then that is okay too!

Call Abby in the Wellness Center with questions or concerns. 418-2331

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