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Program INSPIRES Older Adults to Stay Active and Engaged

September 12, 2023

There’s nothing more important as we age than feeling energized , engaged and living a life filled with peace and purpose. INSPIRE, is a multi-dimensional program offered here at Pisgah Valley. It’s especially geared toward helping residents attain all of those positive feelings and much more.


Just as the letters of its name suggest, the INSPIRE program, emphasize six key elements for leading a healthy, happy life. They are I for inclusivity, N for nutrition, S for spiritual, P for physical, I for intellectual, R for recreational and E for engaging.A program Developed by Liberty Senior Living for its communities.

Whether offering a water aerobics class, inviting a guest speaker from a local university, or forming a sewing club for residents, Pisgah Valley custom-designs programs and activities. Residents can improve all aspects of their physical, emotional and mental health.

There is a good reason for that! Studies show that older adults who participate actively are less likely to suffer from certain diseases. Furthermore, they tend to have longer life spans. In addition, they are happier and less depressed, according to the National Institutes of Health.

Suvey Confirms

The INSPIRE program, which has been in place for about seven years, is working. A recent survey found that 76% of residents throughout Liberty Senior Living communities participate in at least two wellness activities each week. One such activity, taking a group exercise class. Approximately 85% reported participating in at least one weekly enrichment program.

According to Haley Kinne-Norris, INSPIRE Wellness and Enrichment Coordinator for Liberty Senior Living, “A day rarely goes by at any of the communities without a program, class or activity that’s designed to promote any of the six pillars of the INSPIRE program.We try to highlight all the realms of wellness,” she says.

Want to expand your creativity? Art classes and sewing/knitting circles may help you learn a new craft or share a skill with others. Indeed, if residents happen to be a master gardener, pastor, artist, or poker aficionado, they are invited to suggest or lead activities within their area of expertise.

Are you looking to focus on your intellectual development? Pisgah Valley offers programs, including onsite lectures and educational programs. Also available are classes at Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, affiliated with UNC Asheville.

Want to focus on spirituality or mental health? Residents can participate in meditation or yoga classes, take a walk outdoors .In addition,they might participate in Bible studies or on-site religious services. The possibilities are endless.

“We’re always looking at how we can offer programs that promote improved physical and mental health and a sense of peace,” Kinne-Norris says.

Customized programs

Kinne-Norris says the INSPIRE program is geared toward meeting the unique needs and interests of residents, who are encouraged to suggest ideas for activities, clubs, outings or speakers.

“We have an open-door policy,” she says. “We love hearing about what residents are looking to add.”

By providing a wide range of programs, classes and activities, residents can be involved in as much as they want.It is easy to find offerings that suit their interests.

The INSPIRE program calls on all departments at Pisgah Valley to collaborate. If, for example, the community offers an informational program on cardiovascular health, the nutrition department would complement that program. Easy to create a menu of meals that are designated as heart healthy


One way Liberty Senior Living communities judge the success of the INSPIRE program is by assessing independent living residents. Once, when they move into the community and then yearly afterward. The results are impressive.

“After a year, most people have a dramatic improvement in their physical abilities . Improved areas include balance, speed, flexibility and endurance,” Kinne-Norris says. Amenities support an active, engaged lifestyle.

State-of-the-art facilities support an active, engaged lifestyle.

Pisgah Valley’s campus features a wide range of amenities that help residents achieve their goals of physical, mental and psychological well-being. These include a wellness center with a pool and fitness equipment. In a ddition, a multi-purpose room and community center with a billiards table.

Pisgah Valley’s beautiful location allows residents to enjoy the beauty and calming effects of interacting with their natural surroundings.

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