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There is laways something going on at each of the campuses. Pisgah Valley Retirement Community has a unique focus on individualized lifestyle. Check back often to take a look at the activities we offer.

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Meet Sharon, Employee of the Month!

September 11, 2023

Meet Sharon, Employee of MonthMeet our employee of the month, Sharon Hedden! Sharon, a dedicated PCA at Pisgah Villa, has been a valued member of our team for nearly one year. What makes her story even more heartwarming? Her own mother resides in our healthcare building, Pisgah Manor. Sharon, thank you for your exceptional care and personal commitment to our extended family here on the Pisgah Valley campus.

#EmployeeOfTheMonth   #CompassionInAction  #OneBigFamily

Labor Day Lemonade?

September 7, 2023

Quenching our thirst for fun this past Labor Day with a special lemonade stand! Pisgah Manor residents celebrated the holiday with fresh lemonade, fruit, and delicious cookies, making it a sweet day to remember! #LaborDayRefreshment   #CommunityCelebration   #LemonadeStandDelights

Addison Farms Vineyard Tour

September 5, 2023

Exploring the flavors of life at Addison Farms Vineyard with our Independent Living residents! What better way to spend a day than with a delightful tour and a wine tasting adventure? #WineCountryAdventures   #VineyardTour  #IndependentLiving

National Hawaiian Shirt Day

August 22, 2023

National Hawaiian Shirt Day was full of festivities with a visit from the Spotted Banana Food Truck! Theme days are cool!

Mid-week Magic :Hike at Lake Powhatan!

August 16, 2023

Embracing the mid-week magic with an exhilarating hike at Lake Powhatan!Nothing like the beauty of nature and the camaraderie of friends to uplift our spirits. Join us in celebrating #WellnessWednesday as we kick-start the day with movement and meaningful connections. #HikeToHeal  #NatureNurtures   #MidWeekMotivation


August 9, 2023

Welcome back to Wellness Wednesday! We had a great time on National Water Balloon Day with some of our independent living residents. It was a great way to get out of the house and into the water! #WellnessWednesday  #NationalWaterBalloonDay

Meet our August Worker Bee, Siako Nena!

August 7, 2023

As a valued member of our EVS department, she spreads kindness like honey and goes the extra mile for our residents. Her supportive relationships with co-workers make our team thrive! #EmployeeSpotlight  #Teamwork   #Dedication   #ProudOfWorkplace  #WorkerBeeOfMonth

Hot Weather Tips: NIH on Aging

August 2, 2023

Welcome back to Wellness Wednesday! Boy, has it been hot lately! Check out these Hot Weather tips from National Institute on Aging – NIH so you can stay safe through those dog days of summer.

Meet EVS Department, Tina Boyd and Jill Donaldson!

July 21, 2023

Meet the dynamic sister duo of our EVS department, Tina Boyd and Jill Donaldson! With an impressive combined service of 66 years, they are the backbone of our team, ensuring smooth operations for our laundry services. Their dedication and hard work shine through in every task they undertake, and we couldn’t be more grateful for …Read More…

Employee of the Month, Cynthia Bassett!

July 20, 2023

Meet our exceptional Employee of the Month, Cynthia Bassett! As an RN, she has dedicated an incredible 21 years to our team, showcasing unwavering dedication and expertise in her field. Cynthia’s passion for nursing shines through in every patient interaction, making her an excellent nurse with a heart full of compassion and care. #EmployeeOfTheMonth   …Read More…

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