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Bring more Spirituality to your Home Environment

December 4, 2019

In your daily life there is so much think about and do. And then there are the holidays… The holiday season is a magical time of the year so why not focus on the spiritual side of things and less on the stressful to do’s? One easy way to incorporate more spirituality in to your life is to take time to create a space that is specifically meant to renew your connection with yourself, your environment and spirit. By incorporating some of the following ideas into your home, you may be able to make this the most enjoyable holiday season with less stress, more love, joy and connection to a higher being.

Declutter and spark joy!

Marie Kondo has become a household name by helping families all over the world declutter and keep only the items that “spark joy.” By cleaning your home you are not only getting rid of old clutter but also old or bad energy. Another great way to tackle this task is to have a neighborhood swap. Pisgah Valley does this annually to help residents clean out unused items or items that no longer “spark joy” with the intention of swapping items for another that does “spark joy” or to be donated to a good cause locally.


Altars can be a dedicated space for concentrating on spiritual interests and positive energy. Altars can look different for everyone depending on the space and the individual’s interests. An altar could be a table with a special cloth draped over and have items organized such as a candle, incense, books, bibles, pictures, plants, water features, crystals, or figurines. No matter what your altar looks like, make sure it brings a feeling of connection and peace.


Decorating with art in the form of paintings, photographs or sculptures can bring a calming energy to your space. Choose art that really speaks to your inner self. Choose pieces that are moving and positive to your daily life.

Comfortable furniture and drapery

The addition of soft drapes can bring a sense of peace and help transition your space into a place of sacred thoughts. To set the mood for prayer or meditation, place pillows on the floor for kneeling or use soft chairs with supportive backs for sitting up right in.


Burning candles is a great way to neutralize a space and clean the energy.
The use of burning candles after tidying the home is a great way to complete the cleaning task and bring in fresh energy.

Refocusing the way your personal space is decorated and organized can have a deep impact on your day to day life. A home should be your place of comfort, safety, peace, love, joy and support. Your home should convey your interests and aid in spiritual fulfillment. Spend time before the rush of the holidays kick into full gear and ask yourself:

“If someone were to walk into my home, what are some things that would communicate that it is a place of peace, love and refuge from the world?”

“Is there anything I do that makes it harder for my home to be a place of peace and love?”

“How does my current home affect my spirit?”

Based on your answers, you can structure a change to your space by decluttering, burning candles, displaying art, incorporating soft fabrics and furniture and even dedicating a special place for an altar. The final step is to sit back or kneel down, clear your mind from daily stress and grow closer to your higher being for a strong spiritual connection in your own home.

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