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Make Movement a Priority

June 5, 2023

Tips for Staying Active as an Older Adult

Liberty Senior Living’s wellness program, INSPIRE, focuses on whole-person wellness. Meaning the integration of an individual’s multiple dimensions of wellness. However, today the focus of this article is exercise and making movement a priority each day.

As humans, our bodies are meant to move. Just like other creatures on Earth, we need to move every day or else the parts and processes do not work properly.This leads to a multitude of possible issues such as poor mental health, body stiffness, pain, poor organ health and more. So how do we stay consistent especially as an older adult? Somedays we wake up feeling tired or sluggish. Somedays we wake up with pain. Somedays we’re too busy! Read on for tips to make movement a priority and keep it consistent.


Some of us like to get up and go while others like to take their time in the morning. Find the time that is right for you and your body to move. If you seem to have a calendar that fills each day, then maybe an early morning workout will ensure you get consistent movement. Try a morning yoga stretch, sunrise walk around Pisgah Valley or take a dip in the pool at the Wellness Center at 7am!

If you are not used to getting up early, then ease into the process and be gentle with yourself. After dinner works too. Science can be confusing, sometimes telling us not to workout after a certain time of the day. because It states it could interrupt the ability to rest later. However, if you have energy after dinner and that is the best time for you then go for it! Something at some point is better than nothing ever.

Spice things up

If gym class or group sports wasn’t your thing growing up, that’s okay! Going to the gym isn’t the only option for movement. Think out of the box and consider options that may be more creative. Options to include, dancing, cycling, foraging, orienteering, or volunteer for a service group such as Habitat for Humanity. Perhaps, a trail maintenance club.You will be using your body to do productive work for a good cause.

Socializing helps

Find a buddy that will help keep the momentum. Joining a group fitness class is a great way to stay social and meet new friends! Take a look at the Pisgah Valley Wellness calendar. If interested, schedule an assessment at the Wellness Center. Find out which group classes might be most suitable for your needs.

Track your progress

Some of us are goal oriented and numbers-types of people. If that is you then consider tracking your movement and progress. You can use an Excel spreadsheet . You can use an electronic device such as a Fitbit, Garmin GPS, or Apple Watch. Make an exercise plan and don’t forget to reward yourself when you reach your goals.


No matter what motivates you to keep moving – socializing, progressing, having fun, etc, make sure you prioritize it as a part of each day and week. Of course, there are times in life when we need to slow down and rest. If you aren’t sick or healing from an injury or procedure, then move when and how you can. It doesn’t have to be structured. It doesn’t have to be the same every week.It does need to happen on a regular basis, as much as possible, to reap the benefits mentally and physically. The more you move, the better you feel, and the less risk there is for injury. Find what works best for you and prioritize self-care in the form of movement.

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