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Wellness Trends in 2020 for All Ages

January 2, 2020

Society has become tired, stressed and full of anxiety. More people report burn out from work than ever before and we all want to find effective ways to increase our quality of life rather than work ourselves to the bones. No matter the age of the person, this shift in society has proven to have detrimental effects and most have become interested in incorporating more wellness minded habits into their daily routine for better health. Most would agree that working or living at Pisgah Valley Retirement Community could provide you with valuable opportunities to implement wellness trends into your own routine due to the ongoing wellness program offered to staff and residents. What trends can we expect in 2020?

2019’s wellness trends included essential oils, incorporating more plant based foods into the diet, less sugar and CBD hit the front pages of many magazines including AARP. So what should we expect in 2020?

CBD products

CBD oil has gained popularity among people of all ages for various uses. In 2020, folks will be interested in using CBD (in its various forms) for pain control, skin care, sleep aid, and more.

Wellness Retreats

For those who want to be completely submersed in wellness or a specific subject of wellness like yoga, retreats can be a great option. Seniors who like to get away will find themselves looking for ways to travel and incorporate healthy activities like a stay at a spa retreat or a wellness festival in 2020. Think educational workshops, sensory immersion retreats, and other events that tie in multiple dimensions of wellness. Hotels have even begun advertising their wellness amenities as a marketing strategy so that’s a good indicator that wellness is now a priority for society and even considered a luxury for some.


It’s no secret that sleep issues affect millions every night. Good quality sleep is most important for healing the body and the mind. Napping will gain popularity in businesses and you may even find sleeping pods for rental at airports or other large businesses for staff and customer use. So while a toddler may be lying down for an afternoon nap, there’s a good chance that kid’s parents are tucking in for a 15 minute nap to make it through the day as well.

Breathing apps

Apps can give accessibility to more people. Breathing has proven to help increase relaxation, decrease anxiety and help clear the mind. In fact studies have shown that practicing a breathing technique for just 25 minutes per day can improve cognitive function, calm the mind and boost energy levels. Apps can provide guidance in a private setting almost anywhere but if using an app isn’t appealing, instructed group classes could work. Pisgah Valley offers a resident led meditation group every weekend for those who would like to practice breathing and meditation exercises together.

Integrative and Alternative Medicine

Meditation, acupressure and acupuncture will gain steam as effective ways to heal. As people begin to look more towards the source of issues and how to fix from within the body rather than consuming external methods such as prescription medicines, alternative medicine practices will get more popular.

Mind, Body and Soul Benefits

Overall, the trends in wellness for 2020 will involve practices that are beneficial to the health of the mind, body and soul. But don’t get used to these trends forever because wellness is ever evolving and there is always something that we can improve upon no matter the age or condition of our health. This is why a modern, well planned wellness program can be very beneficial to the health of those within a community like the one at Pisgah Valley.

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