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What’s your “Why?”

December 1, 2021

Traditionally the end of the year is a great time for reflecting. A time to look back at the ups, downs and in between. It’s also a good time to remind ourselves of our “why.” In other words, what is your purpose? What drives you to do what you do? What can you do moving forward to keep that drive? Pisgah Valley Wellness Center is your neighborhood gym catering to the 55 and older population and our “why” is all about the people we serve.

What is Pisgah Valley Wellness Center’s “Why”?

We aren’t just gym. We are your health and wellness leaders that take time to get to know each one of our client’s personally and we care about each person’s success. Research has shown that physical health is a key component of aging gracefully. Pisgah Valley Retirement Community supports that hypothesis as it offers an exercise and wellness program to the residents of Pisgah Valley Retirement as well as our growing membership base that reside in the surrounding areas of Asheville .

We’re here to keep you active and engaged

Pisgah Wellness Center provides a structured class schedule designed to keep you at your optimal best. Some classes are here to offer support of physical strength (such as Stay Strong every Tuesday at 11am) and health while others focus on falls prevention ( Balance and Flex every Wednesday at 11am), brain health (such as Line Dancing and Ageless Grace) and cardiovascular conditioning (such as Water Aerobics, Seated Cardio and Line Dancing).

We’re here to listen

We are only a phone call, email or walk-in visit away. As a wellness center, we are here to provide instruction but we are also here to listen. Pisgah Wellness Center’s professionally trained staff take time to listen first and act second. We understand that each person has a different body, different story and therefore different needs. That is why we take time to listen to each person’s goals, ambitions and challenges whether you are new to our program or have been dedicated for years in your own wellness practice through Pisgah Valley Wellness Center.

Achieving our “Why”?

We understand that wellness isn’t just about fitness and nutrition. We know that the state of your health involves other variables such as stress levels, outlook, attitude, socialization factors and even your spirituality. We want you to feel confident that you are receiving the best service you can from your neighborhood gym. That is why we are staffed with instructors that share years of experience within the industry and know all too well that wellness is an ongoing journey for everyone. Staying up to date on the latest senior fitness and wellness research can only help us make decisions that are safe and ultimately in the best interests of each member we serve.

So, during this time of reflection, Pisgah Valley Wellness Center is happy to remember the residents and members that visit us daily, weekly and monthly throughout the year! We thank those of you that have undergone an assessment and set forth a routine to reach the goals discussed at the end of that assessment. We smile thinking about the faces we see in person and through Zoom during class. Finally, we feel warmed thinking about the support we receive back from you all – whether it be sharing fresh produce from your gardens in summer, compliments about our professional performance or a wise tip that you share with us along the way. Our “why” is all about assisting you on your wellness journey to ultimately feel your best and maintain your “why.”

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